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About Us

About Us


Joshua Kushner has over 20 years of experience advising early, growth and enterprise stage companies in emerging industries. Josh brings a unique mix of legal, business, and strategic experience to bear on client matters and is passionate about helping committed teams execute upon a path to success in new markets. Josh has been an early innovator in internet, software, entertainment, games, and mobile technologies, and has most recently focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cannabis.

Josh’s practice disciplines include corporate and commercial deals, intellectual property, employment, civil litigation, local and international regulatory issues, and strategic guidance.  Josh has extensive experience in venture capital finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic and cross-border transactions. He has counseled some of the fastest growing start-ups and enterprise level clients including Watch Gang, Seams Up, TempCFO, eBility, National Research Group, Meizhou Dongpu Restaurant Group, Apex Machining, Miss to Mrs. Box, Jag Industrials, and SmartyPans. He has also helped emerging businesses in a wide variety of sectors, and is especially knowledgeable in media, entertainment, advertising, consumer products, food and beverages, and technology including mobile, games, digital music, social media, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, cryptocurrency and cannabis regulation.



Josh serves on a variety of corporate and nonprofit boards and industry associations.  He regularly lectures and writes about major issues in technology, venture capital, emerging industries, blockchain, cryptocurrency and cannabis regulation.

In addition to Mr. Kushner’s robust corporate practice, Working in Los Angeles, Mr. Kushner was always surrounded by some of the world’s most talented entertainers and professionals.  Joshua has always had a distinct passion for film & sports, and as such Mr. Kushner worked on numerous independent productions & assisted several athletes before founding his practice in Burbank, just minutes away from some of the largest studio lots worldwide.

For some reason, many attorneys, especially those based out of Southern California, waste an obscene amount of time before responding to client inquiries.  The Kushner Offices detests this practice and strives to be the very best when it comes to offering our clients timely legal solutions.

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We currently represent individuals and small businesses in the creative, startup, and hospitality industries, though we’re always looking to create relationships in new fields.

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We operate effectively and efficiently, always meeting deadlines no matter how restrictive they may seem. It does not matter the size of the task; we do it all.

Case Study

Corporate Law

A telecommunications supplier based out of China with US subsidiary was
doing business with a new hardware & software manufacturer based out of British Columbia. As counsel representing the supplier, we needed to
prepare a master purchase & sale agreement within two weeks following retention, which would outline, among other items: term of service, product roadmap, device confirmation, terms of sale & resale, product exclusivity & lifecycle, manner of delivery & return, trademark issues, purchase order procedure including treatment of modification and cancellation, software licensing, disaster recovery plan, supply operations, reports & reviews, training, tax treatment, and mutual indemnifications.

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Despite the extensive
requirements, language barriers and time constraints, we delivered the 56
page agreement, to satisfaction of both our client and the manufacturers, in
just 10 days time following engagement.
o It does not matter the size of the task. We operate effectively and
efficiently, always meeting deadlines no matter how restrictive they
may seem.

Case Study

An investment group comprised of non-medical practitioners wished to
finance the development and operations of an in-vitro fertilization clinic and
participate in profits generated by the clinic. The investment group wished
to partner with a licensed physician and develop marketing and branding on
behalf of the physician’s new clinic, but our client, the investment group, did
not know how to structure the investment in compliance with Stark, Anti-
Kickback and related regulations concerning the corporate practice of
medicine by non-medical professionals. Immediately upon retention, our
corporate team laid out a detailed and precise plan that would not only
comply with applicable regulations, but would also protect our client’s $2.5M
initial investment and ensure profit participation as desired based on terms
negotiated between our client and the physician.

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In only three weeks after
retention, we were able to solidify and implement the plan, which involved
formation of three corporate entities [the investment vehicle, the medical
professional corporation (PC) and the management services company (MSC)]
and we had prepared to completion all requisite agreements to memorialize
terms and protect interests of all parties involved (including 45 page master
service agreement and personal guarantee between the PC and MSC).
o As experienced professionals servicing multiple industries, we
welcome the most challenging legal problems and pride ourselves on
our ability to offer efficient, yet effective & comprehensive legal

ProdCo: Entertainment Solutions

An independent film production company (ProdCo) was seeking $2M in
development financing from an independent accredited investor. Our client,
the investor, wanted to participate in the revenues generated by the fund,
spread across various projects, but did not understand what he should be
reasonably entitled to expect in return for such an investment. Our
experienced entertainment team negotiated for front and back end points,
first money out plus premium of 150% on each project investment, due upon
start of principal photography.

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We also negotiated for Executive Producer credits on all titles produced out of the fund, annual travel budget included for all major film festivals during operation of fund, and 20% of ProdCo’s Producer’s Fees, also due upon start of principal photography. Our client was thrilled with results, as he was warned that most development finance deals were disadvantageous. Our creative team was able to tilt the odds in our client’s favor however, and as a result he was able to participate in the development and production of films featuring A-list talent with budgets ranging from $5M to $30M per project.

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